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The Qur’an: To Start from the Beginning


What do the first words of the Qur’an teach about God, creation and the Hereafter? What does this have to do with one’s belief? How do these words involve one’s belief? How should... Read More

Our Relationship with the Qur’an & Its Effect on Our Lives


What role does the Qur’an play in the lives of Muslims? How do we actually act upon such a role? How do we benefit from its lasting blessings?

… <a class="kt-excerpt-readmore" href="" aria-label="Our... Read More

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Selam çikolatam adım tokat escort Bensu 24 yaşındayım 160 boyunda 61 kilodayım kumral şık bir kadınım. Oldukça fit ağzım ve iri kasam ile her erkeğin dikkatini çektiğimin oldukça hissediyorum ve bunu kullanmaktan asla... Read More