Who Is Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq?

Who was Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq; a chemist or a hadith narrator? What did lead him to be such an exceptional scholar and thinker? Learn here about his knowledge, virtue, wisdom and love for the Sahabah.

How Islam Defines Terrorism

Is there ‘anything’ in Islam that encourages acts of violence and terrorism? Why are many criminal acts are put in Islam’s account? Does God call us to hate, attack? How do you define terrorist attacks by Muslims?

An Introduction to Islamic Civilization

When we look up the word civilization in the Websters online dictionary we get: “A society in an advanced state of development.” When looking at the effects of Islam on the Arabs, anyone would recognize a huge transformation in the followers of the Prophet … Read More

How Muslims Dealt with Ancient Civilizations

The article replies to the accusation that Islam’s attitude regarding the ancient civilizations was aggressive and that Islam was responsible for the burning of the Library of Alexandria.