Ibn Al-Nafees and Discovery of the Blood Circulation System

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Ibn Al-Nafees worked in the hospital as a physician, and later as a teacher of medicine. Owing to his studious nature and excellence in medicine, he became head of the Hospital and manager of its Medical school. Some years later, he moved to work as head of the Mansoori Hospital which was established by Sultan Al-Mansoor Ibn Qalawoon in 680 A.H. (1281 A.C.). Ibn Al-Nafees occupied several positions until he became the physician of Sultan Al-Dhahir Beibers.

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Who Is Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq?

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Who was Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq; a chemist or a hadith narrator? What did lead him to be such an exceptional scholar and thinker? Learn here about his knowledge, virtue, wisdom and love for the Sahabah.

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How Islam Defines Terrorism

Is there ‘anything’ in Islam that encourages acts of violence and terrorism? Why are many criminal acts are put in Islam’s account? Does God call us to hate, attack? How do you define terrorist attacks by Muslims?

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Former Anti-Islam Advocate, Arnoud van Doorn, in Hajj

A new Muslim now, the once strident Islamophobe, who produced an offensive film about Islam and Prophet Muhammad, was among the great Muslim gathering of Hajj this year.

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