What Are the Essentials of Islam? (Part 2)

Among the essentials of Islam is that man is the most complete manifestation of the attributes of Allah and as such he is Allah’s representative on earth.

Was Prophet Muhammad Anti-Semitic?

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The Prophet preached to the Jews and hoped and prayed for their salvation. The incident at Banu Qurayzah is often cited as the brutal murder of innocent Jews, but what is often left out is its historical context.

Biography of Prophet Muhammad (1/3)

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Allah Almighty protected him from the evils of the Arab way of life such as drinking alcohol, fornication, theft, murder, and so on. He worked as a shepherd with his family in his early years.

Six Beliefs of Muslims: Tell Me About Them

Who is God? Is God One or more? Why should we belive in God? Is idol worship logical? Why do some people worship the creation instead of the Creator?