Ramadan: Unsealing Hearts

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By Musa Burki

Praying to our Creator for mercy and wisdom.

Praying to our Creator for mercy and wisdom.

A time for our hearts to become unsealed

Reflecting on the divine words revealed

The month in which we hope to never end

Unable to count the infinite blessings it sends

Asked by our Lord to give up our worldly pleasures

So that we may receive His divine treasures

It’s a time that comes once a year

Yet the moments that we hold most dear

The nights spent in prayer and reflection

Prepares the soul for redemption

Praying to our Creator for mercy and wisdom

Pleading to be admitted into His kingdom

We welcome you, O Ramadan, with joy as our guest

Having to subdue our egos as a test

You mend our hearts and give us tranquility

As we engage in battling our iniquity

Solidifying the bonds of kith and kin

Washing away the stain of sin

Fasting not only of body but of speech

It is Your Benevolence which we beseech

O Ramadan, you have blessed us with your presence

Teaching us to grow from our spiritual adolescence

Continue to be the month which will always bless

Helping us to alleviate our fears and distress


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Source: muslimvoices.org.

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