The Productive Ramadan Online Course (Animation)

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For A Productive Ramadan

Have you ever set your alarm clock to wake up for suhoor, only to be awoken by the light of dawn shining into your room, and the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just missed your only chance to eat today?

Can you remember a time during Ramadan when you were so tired and thirsty that you became agitated and snapped at someone and then really regretted it because you know that’s not what this month is about?

Does it annoy you to know that productivity in Muslim countries goes down significantly during Ramadan, and you want to do something about it but know that it needs to start with you?

Can you remember a time during Ramadan when the whole day you were just thinking about what you were going to eat after the fast, and then felt bad because you were missing the spiritual rewards of it all?

Have you ever had trouble going back to sleep after waking up for Suhoor, and as a result woken up for work in a very groggy and grumpy mood?

Discover how to FINALLY master your mind, body and soul to boost your productivity in Ramadan.

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