surah Al Imran Tajweed

surah Al Imran Tajweed


Surah Al Imran Tajweed

Learn Holy Quran with Tajweed
Dr. Farhat Hashmi, Usma


Topic Duration Audio
Al-‘Imran:92-109 00:23:19
Al-‘Imran:110-120 00:21:41
Al-‘Imran:121-143 00:26:25
Al-‘Imran:144-155 00:20:34
Al-‘Imran:156-168 00:24:00
Al-‘Imran:169-185 00:30:24
Al-‘Imran:186-200 00:28:44
An-Nisa’:1-6 00:14:07
An-Nisa’:7-14 00:28:16
An-Nisa’:15-25 00:35:06


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