Great Interview with Youth Christian Minister, Joshua Evans

In this episode, Former Youth Minister Joshua Evans tells us how he embraced Islam after in depth search of the Bible. Then, he advises those who criticize Islam to learn about Islam through its sources not through the orientalists writings. Afterwards, he confirms that Muslims should show they worship Allah, the creator, because some people know something else.

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Abdullah Rolle Tells His Story on Why He Chose Islam

Abdullah Rolle who worked with many famous artists left the Music Business after a long time of feeling that he was missing something deeper in life. He had everything but was missing peace and he is here.

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Why Are Hispanics Embracing Islam? The Story of Daniel Hernandez

A story about a Latino Puerto rican, Daniel Hernandez, who was once a gang member and living the street life and then lost his close friends by the same gang which caused him to think really hard about life.

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