Prophet Muhammad: The Emancipator of Women’s Rights

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Because the Prophet’s intervention women were treated as equals, given rights. Learn how the Prophet’s significant contribution to women’s rights inspired Shaista Aziz, a writer and journalist,…

Islam & Legal Rights of Women

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Do you know that during his lifetime, Prophet Muhammad took counsel with and encouraged over 600 female scholars, warriors, nurses, businesswomen, teachers and students?

Islam: The True Emancipator of Women Converts

Does Islam suffocate women’s freedom and rights to live properly or does it help them reclaim their true feminism? Here’s the answer from their own lips…

Islam and Scientology: Any Relation?

Scientology can only be considered a pseudo-religion and as such, it is of no appeal to anyone who is seeking God and the eternal life of happiness He has prepared for His righteous servants in the Hereafter.