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Islamic center of MC Henry county Alnamal


Islamic center of MC Henry county

Please donate them Allah will give
you reward here and after Amin.

Islamic Center of McHenry County (ICMC) is a community based, non-profit, Islamic organization serving the needs of McHenry County of greater Chicago, IL. ICMC aims to enable the religious, educational, social, and cultural aspirations of the Muslims in McHenry County and its surrounding areas. The vision of the ICMC is to create a vibrant, productive and prosperous community while building bridges to foster interfaith understanding with its neighbors.
​We have fully renovated the existing building and converted it in to mosque and offer five time daily prayers. We have worked long hours and have spent many nights, some even during Ramadan in hopes one day we could have our very own building, where we don’t have to worry about things like folding the carpets or time constraints. We like to say Thank You for all the donations and volunteering time that have given the community a place of worship. Please Join us for Jumma salat and five times daily prayers at our new masjid.​

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