Former Actress & Model Finds Peace in Islam

In this interview broadcast on the Deen Show TV, a former actress and model tells us how she converted to Islam and found peace in this new religion.

First, the interviewer asked her about her life before converting to Islam. She says that she was born to a Christian family and she used to go to the Church regularly. She was an actress and a model. She was a religious and did not use to do those acts that are socially unacceptable. She always used to search for the truth and the true church that she could count on and the pure way that she could follow as there are more than two hundred sects in Christianity.

Then, the interviewer asked her about her experience as she was going deep in Christianity looking for the truth. She says that she is an academic person so she took it as an academic exercise. She went to the bookstore and started reading from a non-religious point of view (historians’ books) and found that it is full of bloodshed. She wondered if Christianity is supposed to be pure, why did it have to kill many people and force them to accept it?

Enjoy watching this interesting talk to know how this actress finds peace in Islam.


Source: The Deen Show TV       

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