Useful Points Regarding Purification

What are the etiquettes of entering the bathroom? How could you clean yourself after urination? What is the ruling if you find something moist on your clothes? What if you finished prayer and find impurities on your clothes? What is the rule if you mix pure clothes with impure clothes?

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Is Breathable Nail Polish Sufficient for Wudu’?

Does Islamic Law prohibit using cosmetics for women in general? What are the validity conditions of ablution? What is the problem with the nail polish concerning ablution for women? What is the ruling of using snow in ablution?

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Purification: Types of Impurities (1/2)

What is the ruling of the pig’s meat regarding purity? What is the ruling of blood? What is the ruling of the urine? What about that of the child? What are the rulings regarding mazi, wadi and mani? Are they pure substances or impure?

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