Sexuality in Islam and Hinduism (3/4)

Definition of adultery in Hinduism  In the part 1st and 2nd of this article, the philosophy of sexuality in Islam has been outlined. In this part, we will study and present the philosophy of sexuality in Hinduism in a comparative method. It is clear that Hindu religion according to its religious scriptures is neither absolute […]

Significance of Zakah

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The Prophet Muhammad said: “If a single person were to sleep hungry in a town, then Allah’s protection is lifted from such a town.”

Zakah (Obligatory Charity) in Islam

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Zakah is one of the five pillars of Islam. Zakah is mentioned together with Salah in eighty two verses of the Glorious Qur’an.

Female Child between Islam and Hinduism (1/2)

The phenomenon of insulting women and demeaning them and making them a source of bad luck and omen led some Hindu women to hate themselves for being a female.

Islam: A Divine Blessing for Hindu Girls

Islam is a blessing for a Hindu girl even when she is a fetus in the womb of her mother, because Islam secures her from being aborted, as such heinous act is strictly forbidden by Islamic Ruling.

Devadasi Tradition in Hinduism

The concepts of Indian people towards women, their purity, and impurity, the status of Hindu widows, the issues of Sati were corrected by the influence of Islamic culture in India.

Death of a Hindu Girl Banished for Menstruating

There is no official count of how many women die as a result of Chhaupadi—translated as “untouchable being”—but there are reports of deaths linked to this Hindu tradition every year.

Is Your Son Your Ticket to Heaven in Hindusim?

Vedic mantras are not to be recited by women, because women are lacking in strength and knowledge of Vedic texts. Women are impure and represent falsehood.

What Does Islam Give Woman?

Have you tried asking a Muslim woman what does she think about herself as a Muslim? Why do some people label them oppressed in a hijab? Is it in fact a question of oppression or that of modesty?

The Rights of Women in Islam and Hinduism

In Hindu society, the widow is considered to be a curse and must not be seen in public. Also she cannot wear jewelry or colorful clothes.

Does Islam Give Women Freedom?

Islam cannot not be compared with any religion in the world. No religion in the world has given a woman as high and honorable position as was granted by Islam.

Sufferings of Widows in Hinduism

A comparison between the two religions, Islam and Hinduism, makes a fair person convinced that Islam is the only preserved religion from Allah and Islam is the worthiest religion to be followed by the humanity.

Definition of Revelation

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The comparison between both faiths drives us to conclude that the faith of Islam about the revelation as well as its whole system is the safest belief and purest creed which deserves to be believed by every person.

Preservation of the Glorious Qur’an

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Throughout the centuries, the method of preservation has been twofold: memorization and writing. A recent estimate of the number of Muslims worldwide who have committed the Glorious Qur’an to memory is 10 million!

A Muslim Loves Gita and Quran

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Furthermore, who killed an innocent; who killed an innocent; who killed an innocent; whether, the murdered is a Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or follower of any religion.

Signs of Muhammad’s Prophethood

The legal and creedal structure of Islam that was brought by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) resembles in beauty and balance the engineering of the heavens and the earth.

The Finality of Prophethood

By Abul A`ala Al-Mawdudi   The advent of a prophet is not an everyday occurrence. Nor is the presence in person of the Prophet essential for every land, people and period. The life and teachings of the Prophet are the beacon to guide people to the right path, and as long as his teachings and […]

Prophet Muhammad: A Diamond in the Heap of Stones

He had preached against idolatry and the worship of other beings besides Allah, and had denounced their way of life.

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