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Islam & Racism


Do you know that all forms of racism are forbidden in Islam? Do you know that Prophet Muhammad prohibited any manifestation of racism?… Read More

Myth of Crucifixion & Lie of Salvation


There are pieces of evidence and indications in the Bible which are enough to impel us to disbelieve in the alleged crucifixion and the consequent salvation… <a class="kt-excerpt-readmore" href="" aria-label="Myth of Crucifixion &... Read More

Dictionary of Long Duplication & Identity within the Chapters of Bible and Qur’an


The Bible abounds in almost identical chapters involving duplication in details with, sometimes, irreconcilable contradictory differences, unlike the Qur’an… <a class="kt-excerpt-readmore" href="" aria-label="Dictionary of Long Duplication & Identity within the Chapters of Bible... Read More

Women’s Rights & Marriage Rulings between Christianity and Islam


Judaism and Christianity permitted polygamy but did not limit the number of wives to be taken into marriage or stipulate justice and equity unlike Islam… <a class="kt-excerpt-readmore" href="" aria-label="Women’s Rights & Marriage Rulings... Read More